What is BLOGGING?How to earn money from blogging?

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What is BLOGGING?How to earn money from blogging?

the word blog was coined by Peter Merholz who was jokingly broke the word “welog” into the phrase we blog in the sidebar of his blog (peterme.com) in the year 1999.

er abhishek anand

the word blogging is trending everywhere from google search engine to youtube search bar.but what exactly is blogging?how people earn money from blogging.in this post i m going to provide you a vision to start a blog in 2021 & how you can earn money from blog.

10 Ways to Make Money Online

in simple words,we can define blogging as an art of publishing something online which provides some value to the audience & subscribers.the blogging is not just writing an article on a topic & publish it but it is an art of adding some value to your creating style that can profit both you & your users.when modi launched a digital india compaign & arrival of free jio sim,the digital marketing touched its peak.many people participated in this digital revolution by creating something online & established themselves as a brand icon.Amit agrawal,Harsh agrawal (founder of shoutmeloud) etc has presented a vision to the society why should we go for blogging?

What is Blogging?

as i already told you the word blog is derived from the word weblog by peter merholz in 1999.blogging is an art of publishing online in the form of articles,posts or pages.it is a style of telling your hobbies & passion to the world in the form of words.

What is Blogging?

people often gets confused between the word blog & blogging.

what is blog?

a blog is a website where contents are published in the form of posts.for example you made a youtube channel & uploaded some videos on the channel.the videos you makes for the channel is blogging while channel is your blog.thats why sometimes we encounter with the word vlogging in youtube also.so next time when you get confused between blog & blogging,just refer to this section

on what niche should i start blogging?

a niche is the subject of the blog where all contents of your blog are organized in a systematic maner.a good niche would help your blog rank better in search engine while wrong niche would make your blogging career worse.people often use niche which has less competition & high search volume,this helps them to rank their blog in search engine in very less time.my blog is based completely on the technology where i provide tech tutorials to my users & in return i earn some commission from it.

if you are a newbie bloggers who just started their blogging career must adopt the niche of technology because it is very high profitable & oppurtunity of content creation is infinite.as we all know that content is the king.the second niche which you can adopt is fashion where you put some affliate links of some fashionable brands & can make money online.the counting number of niche is infinite but you must have to work towards on one niche in order to get successful in blogging field.consistency & hard work brings fruits if you start blogging from day one.

things needed while starting a blog

so you have finalized your niche & wondering what should you needed to start a blog.all you need is a perfect domain name.a domain name is necessary while starting a blog.

i m an affliate of some famous domain company & if you buy domain names from my network,you would get a flat 80% discount upon purchasing domain name.

er abhishek anand
  1. domain name:- it is the address of blog.for example erabhishekanand.com is my domain name & i can install any CMS Platform on my domain like wordpress,jumla,drupal etc
  1. hosting:hosting is a place where all blog data are stored onn nameservers.if you want to buy good hosting for your blog,just drop me a mail.with hosting,you can have access of cpanel where you can install script on blog like wordpress etc.
  2. blogging platform:-there are so many blogging platform available in the market but i strongly recommend you wordpress because it is a CMS Platform & best for managing content of your blog.
  3. smartphones|laptop:- the most important task of blogger is typing,for that you must have a good smartphone .if you have laptop then you win the half battle here.

how bloggers makes money?

bloggers basically earn money from two sources.one is google adsense & second is affliate program.Google adsense is an ads publishing company owned by google which put ads on blog & in return bloggers earn money in the form of views per 1000 impressions also known as CPC.

however getting approval of google adsense is not an easy task,you have to work harder towards it.you can withdraw from google adsense if your thereshold reaches 100$ & it takes 3-6 months if you are a new blogger & consistently blog with hard work.

the second method bloggers earn money is through affliate marketing.affliate marketing is linkings one product or referring products of some company to clients in order to earn some commission in return.there are so many domain companies which run affliate program like hostinger,godaddy & resellers club .

if you sell their domain names with affliate links you earn some commissionn in return.that is the power of affliate marketing & people making millions of dollars by affliate marketing.

er abhishek anand

how long does it take to earn money from blog?

this is great questions comes in every bloggers mind.most of the beginners left blogging because they are not earning anything from blog & they giveup in this field after2-3 months.

but buddy if you really want to earn money from blogging then you have to work hard &be consistent.most of my friends who started their blogger journey reveals me that it takes almost 6 months of dedication to make first 100$ from blogging.there is no shortcuts.only hardwork pays off.

so basically it took 6months-01 year to mature a blog.trees started giving fruits when seeded properly & watered daily.same case applies in blogging.a blog is a tree of money & if you care tree daily then it would start to give you fruits one day.

how much cost to start a blog?

basically it requires some 200-500$ to successfully establish a blog from purchasing domain name,seo,hosting,cms platform.now a days most of the bloggers wants wordpress because they got bored from old blogger style(company of google).

33% of the web is powered by wordpress.if you want to start a successful blog then i strongly recommend wordpress because it has everything which would make your blog attractive.it has customization features from changing themes to installing plugins.

is it right to start blogging in 2022?

the answer is big yes because we are living in a digital age where everything is controlled by artificial intillegence.2022 is a great year to start a blog.many tech companies are coming & they pay very well if you promote their services.some people on social media spreads a myth that making money from blog is not possible.

i want to quote them one word that without hard work & dedication,you cant be successful in any field.the field of blogging has lots of competition & as i already told you choosing a perfect niche & start working towards it would bring you success in blogging field.


my main motto to start this blog is not just to earn money online.i run this website to add some value to my users so that one day they would thanks me after successful in blogging.dont listen to anyone,do what your heart says with full honesty & feel the results.making career in blogging is difficult at begining but once you understand the game then you would become a fearless player in blogging.

in next post,i would talk how to start a Tech blog for beginners

i wish you good luck on your path

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