10 Interesting Facts About Karna Pishachini

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Karna Pishachini sadhana is practiced for knowing the past as well as present of a person.Karna Pishachini is a feminine form of invisible being YAKSHINI that has supernatural powers.

In tantra Karna Pishachini is described as power that whispers the answers to questions asked by others into the ear of practitioner.

In this post i brought 10 Interesting Facts About Karna Pishachini that would surprise you.

so stay on this post till the end to know Interesting Facts About Karna Pishachini.

Karna Pishachini controls Negative Entities


Karna Pishachini is actually a sadhna performed by Aghoris by which negative entities around us are called & made to work.There are so many negative & positive energies roaming around our surroundings. Karna Pishachini works only for negative entities.The entities involved in Karna Pishachini sadhna are lust,have high sexual powers & mentality to perform anything to have sexual thirst fulfilled.The Rituals are performed for 3 days & in return the sadhna performer has to give sexual pleasures to Karna Pishachini

Karna Pishachini whispers in Ear


Karna Pishachini can make you do anything by whispering in your ear.As the name indicates:- karna means ear & Pishachini means those who sucks the blood. Karna Pishachini is a lusty feminine devil form in hindu mythology.She is a witch in hindu mythology who loves to drink human blood .She can enter in your body by whispering in your ear.She targets especially bachelors who have girlfriend because once you got trapped in Karna Pishachini ,its gets so hard to quit her because she lusts for sex & if you dont do it,she will kill you.

Karna Pishachini Can’t See Future


Karna Pishachini cannot see Future.However she can see past & present of an Individual. Karna Pishachini. Karna Pishachini can tell everything about you which have happened with you in the past.She remembers each & every detail of your past & future.But the embrassing thing about Karna Pishachini is she cannot see your future.There is still lots of information which in known less about Karna Pishachini

Karna Pishachini is a YAKSHINI


Karna Pishachini Is a Form of YAKSHINI.Yaksh here refers to the god or goddess who is cursed.They dont get involved in death & birth cycle.It is said that the king of the heaven is Lord Indra in Hindu Mythology.When gods of heaven get punished by the lord for his sin,they become Yaksha.Yaksha has quality of lust & carry traits of pisach.

Karna Pishachini never Forgives


No matter how strong an Individual is,Once Karna Pishachini saw you doing sin,she would never forgive you.It is said that sinners are killed by Karna Pishachini & their soul are killed & tied to the tree of banyan.As we all know Banyan tree is shelter to many negative energies in night time.The souls of that individual is restricted to entered into the birth & death cycle for 1000 years.She tortures individual in hell by sucking their blood .she also punishes if you do Karna Pishachini sadhna in wrong manner.Thats the reason Aghoris perform Karna Pishachini very carefully

Karna Pishachini comes on Amavas night


Karna Pishachini is very easy to please but makes her happy always is very difficult task.Once sadhak knew the mood of Karna Pishachini then he can get eternal happiness under the influence of Karna Pishachini .She comes on every amavas & full moon night in search of handsome men.She mostly target handsome man who is innocent in nature.She also target innocent girls & can take men form to provide her eternal pleasure which no man in this universe can give.

Karna Pishachini Drinks blood & Raw flesh


Karna Pishachini likes to stay with human.she always in search for a new man & hypnotize them by whispering in their ear.She only drinks human blood & eat raw flesh of human beings.

She does not like to eat fish & birds.When she becomes happy,she laughs in terrible manner by which sadhak gets fear when she laughs.

Karna Pishachini resides in Samshan Ghat


Samshan Ghat is a place in hindu mythology where dead bodies are burnt after performing rituals. Karna Pishachini resides in samshan ghat because Karna Pishachini has habits to roam in midnight,drink human blood & killing humans.It is adviced by our ancestors that when you visit samshan ghat & if you hear women crying there,dont look back.

It is so because women are never allowed to enter in the rituals performed in samshan ghat.A crying woman in samshan ghat is a clear sign of Karna Pishachini & it is adviced to never look back or follow the crying sound

Karna Pishachini does not wear ornaments


Karna Pishachini does not wear ornaments,neither she wears gold. Karna Pishachini vibrations is very powerful & her presence can make you feel anxious & unconsious. Karna Pishachini body smells like a rotten blood smell & you can vomit if you smell her body.She entered through our ear & spills all our energy & as a result we feel tired & energyless.She got angry if you call her too many times.She dont like to be bothered multiple times,She is very moody in nature.If you have Karna Pishachini & you tell this fact to other people then she can kill you.

Never perform Karna Pishachini sadhna without Guru


Karna Pishachini is very easy to please.Sadhak perform Karna Pishachini sadhna to please Karna Pishachini inorder to perform certain tasks. Karna Pishachini whispers in the ear of guru & guru passed this information to sadhak.We should chant Karna Pishachini mantra very carefully otherwise it impacts opposite influence on sadhak.sadhak can get mad also if mantra pronounciation gets wrong.It is adviced to perform Karna Pishachini sadhna to the experienced guru who have enchanted Karna Pishachini mantra 11 lakh times.The sadhak wears red dress when performing Karna Pishachini sadhna.The Karna Pishachini mantra is given below & it should be chanted 11 lakh times to call Karna Pishachini to whisper in your ear.

ॐ नम: कर्णपिशाचिनी अमोघ सत्यवादिनि मम कर्णे अवतरावतर अतीता नागतवर्त मानानि दर्शय दर्शय मम भविष्य कथय-कथय ह्यीं कर्ण पिशाचिनी स्वहा

karna pishachini mantra


I was suffering from the effect of Karn Pisachni For almost 3 years.The incident happened when I graduated from my College and then Suddenly I couldn’t think about getting job.i was in possession and getting lusty day by day.I was unable to date a new girl because a scary sound always echoes on my ears that no I can’t allow you to love another women.

you are mine and if you do that then I can kill you and your family.Each night she was coming on my bed and her hair was covered and little white.I couldn’t sleep at night.Each night was like she was under my feet and touching my feet slowly and seduced me.Karn Pischachni loves to smell neck and Genital area.

i was sweating by fear but no one believed me except my mother.one day I got unconscious when I was going to toilet and time was almost 2:30am.the scene I watched was thrashed my soul completely.When I looked Myself in toilet mirror,Karn Pisachni was behind me and Calling me :-ooowaaah come and let’s sex with me.i want to drink your blood.

Guys the face I saw can’t explain.i shouted loudly but sound was strucked in my throat.Each night she was coming to my bed and asking for sex by whispering in my ear.

Some Neighborhood told me that she was a women who got Killed by his husband and She was dead without burning her body

Karn Pisachni is a witch in Hindu Mythology who loves to drink human blood.She can enter in your body by whispering in your ear.It was so horrible for me.

When I remember that night,my hands hair get goose.

She targets bachelor especially who have Girlfriend because once you got trapped in Karn Pisachni,it gets so hard to quit her because she lusts for sex and if you don’t do it,she will kill you

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