How To Start A Tech Blog in 2022

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How To Start A Tech Blog in 2022

You have Decided to Start a Tech Blog in 2022?

I will Definitely say that You have Made a Good decision for Your life.

Now You will ask me Why I am Telling this a Good Decision?

Because Lots of People are already Making a 6 Digit Income From the Home just by Blogging.

I also Warns You here that If You want to be Successful in Blogging in One Day,Then Friend this field is not for You.

Blogging Craves Times, Dedication and Passion.If you have these 3 Qualities then No one Can Stop you to be Successful in Blogging Field.

Tips To Start A Tech Blog in 2022
Tips To Start A Tech Blog in 2022

You Can’t do Blogging on Every Niche.For that you have to Select a Particular Niche and Start Blogging on that Niche…

You Can Start Blogging on Many Niches Like:-

  1. Technology
  2. Fashion
  3. Traveling
  4. Food
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Podcast
  7. Coupon Code
  8. News
  9. Affliate marketing
  10. Entertainment

Choosing a Right Niche is the ranking Factor for Beginners.

In This Post,I will give you In depth Guidelines on How to Start a Tech Blog in 2020.

Without Wasting Our Valuable Time,Let’s Explore in to it.

How to Start a Tech Blog in 2022

Choose A Brand Name for Your Blog.

Branding is the First Step to Make a Successful Blog so that People Can Always Remember Your Brand Name on their Lips.

Most of the Blogger Choose a Wrong Brand Name Which Result in Penalised by Google and Lower Search Ranking.

If You want to Grow Fast and rank Higher In Search Engine,Then a Good Branding of Your Blog Would help you.

I Recommend you 5 Tools,Which will Help you in Choosing A Perfect Name for Your Tech Blog

  1. Get Online
  2. Blog Name Generator
  3. Business Name Generator
  4. Satori Studio
  5. Cyber Chimps

These Were the 5 Tools Which I recommend you to Choose a Perfect Business Name for Your Tech Blog.

Choosing a Eye Catching Name Would Help you In Ranking Fast in Google and Get Noticed Easily by the People.

Buy a Domain & Hosting for Your Blog

A Domain Name is Your Blog Web Home – Address Acts as a Landmark Address for Blog.

A Domain with your Business Keywords Would be Great.

There are Many Domain Registars Who Sells Domain to the People at affordable Prices.

There are Many Types of Domain Available but if You Want to Start a Tech Blog,Then I recommend you to Choose a Tech Domain.


Because It will Give your Business a New and Flexible Look.

You must Confirm that Your Domain is Registered with ICANN.

I Brought Tech Domain From Hostinger.

As we See my Domain have .tech!

The most important thing after Domain is Hosting.

Hosting is an IP address on the Web where your Blog will be Hosted.I host BOI-Tech at Cloudhostworld Because it provides me Hosting at Cheap Rates and Unlimited Disk Space at affordable Prices.

If you don’t want to buy Hosting,

Then you can try Blogger Platform Which will let You add Custom Domain.

But if you want to Convert Your Blog to Money Making Machine,Then You must Go with WordPress Platform

I will Discuss this in Next Step.

I recommend you to Choose Domain Name from Go- Daddy,Namecheap & Hostinger.

The Best Thing about these Domain Registars are:-

  • You will get 1 FREE Domain for Lifetime
  • Reliable & Cheap Hosting
  • Easily Install CMS like WordPress & Joomla on your Blog
  • 24×7 Full Technical Support
  • Full Control of Cpanel

I m Going to Mention Top 5 Domain Registars where You can Buy Domain at Affordable Prices


It is an American Company Headquarter in Arizona.

GoDaddy (PRNewsFoto/GoDaddy)
GoDaddy (PRNewsFoto/GoDaddy)

It is one of the Best Domain Registars in the World and I recommend you to Buy Your Blog Domain from Go-Daddy.

It also have Hosting Plan which will help you Installing WORDPRESS on your Blog.

Domain Name on Go-Daddy Starts from Rs149

Go-Daddy have Affordable Hosting Plan which will help you in Setting up WordPress on your Blog.

33% of the Web is Powered by WordPress.

Click here to Buy Domain at 50% Discount from Go-Daddy


Hostinger Infographic
Hostinger Infographic

Hostinger is My Favorite Domain Registars.Actually I have Brought Savy Tech Domain from Hostinger.

The Main Reason you Should Buy Domain from Hostinger lies in the Fact that it is the Oldest & Most Trusted Domain Registars.

[.Tech] Domain Registration on Hostinger would Cost you Rs 120 to 150 for one Year.

It also Have Hosting Plan Which will Cost you around 0.8$/Month which makes it Cheapest Hosting Service if you are looking to Install CMS on your Blog.

Click here to Get Domain from Hostinger at 90% Discount


Namecheap Offers Cheap Domain Names with Reliable Services.

Image Courtesy:-Kinsta
Image Courtesy:-Kinsta

It Provides ICANN registered Domain to it’s User at very Affordable Rates.

If You buy Domain Name from Namecheap from my Affliate Link,You will get 60% Discount.

It have already 10 Million Registered Domains WorldWide.

Namecheap Headquarter is in Arizona and it’s Operates Through Ukraine.

It is a non – American Company.

Namecheap also offers Affordable Hosting to it’s user.Starting @ Only Rs 31/month to it’s new user.However you have to buy it Hosting for 1 year then it will cost you only Rs 31/month

Click here to Grab Namecheap Offers


Hostgator is the Quality Domain Registars Company which provides Domain Name for Free if you Buy Hosting Service from it.

Image Courtrsy:somnath jadhav
Image Courtrsy:somnath jadhav

Many Domain Registars Like Go-Daddy and HostGator Provides 1 FREE domain Name.

It Provides:-

  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPN Hosting

Click here to Grab HostGator Deal


Bluehost is owned by Endurance International Group.

It is ranked among 20 top Web Hosting provider in the world.

It was Founded by Matt Haton in 2003.

It provides 1 Free domain name If you buy it’s Hosting Services.

Hosting Service Cost you Around 2.5$ to 4$ making Bluehost Cheapest & Most Reliable For Installing CMS on your Blog.

Click Here to Grab Blue-Host Deal

Choose Blogging Platform

If you are a Beginners in Blogging,then I Recommend you to Setup Blog on Blogger First.

But Soon you Will Realize that Blogger is not doing much for your Blog.

There are Many Script Available to Install CMS on your Blog

  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. PHP Script
  4. WHCMS
  5. Blogger

Do you Know?

There are Two Version of WordPress Available in the Market

  1. Create a Free Website or Blog:- It is a Free to Create Blog on this Platform but Their Plugins,Themes & Upgradation Will Cost you Much and you will end in dont go for
  2. Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS – WordPress:- It is Self Hosted and Reliable Service and used by Majority of the Blogger.Most of the Themes & Plugins are free on this Platform and very easy to Setup in One Click.

In Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS – WordPress ,You don’t Require any Coding Skills.If you are a Newbie,You can easily Customize your Website in Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS – WordPress

As I Already told you 33% of the Web is Powered by WordPress.

Image Courtesy:-WorkflowMax
Image Courtesy:-WorkflowMax

You Can Easily Install WordPress Using Spectacular Script App under your Cpanel With Just One Click.

WordPress Have SEO features also Which Will Help you In Ranking your Pages in Google Search Engine for a Particular Keywords.

When I was New to WordPress,I have very Little Knowledge about it.

But as we all Know Practice Makes a Man Perfect.

& Today I know Everything About WordPress whether it is Activating a Particular Plugin,SEO and Premium WordPress Theme.

There is One Platform also Called WIX which I Won’t Recommend Because It will cost you More.

Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS – WordPress Vs Create a Free Website or Blog

Are You Looking For Full Control On Cpanel & Plugin Support Then is best Decision.

why it is so?

  1. You Can Upload Plugins in Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS – WordPress
  2. Many customized themes are there

Write SEO based Tech Post

So You have Installed WordPress on your Blog.

Make at Least 4 Basic Pages for your Blog

  1. About Us
  2. Contact Us
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Privacy Policy

These 4 are the basic Page of any Tech Blog & People Will first Notice your About us Page when they will Visit your Blog.

About us Page Gives Symbol to your Blog Business.

After Creating Basic Pages for your Blog..

Start Writing Good Quality SEO content for Your Blog..

Before Writing Post,Do a Keyword Research on your Topic.

A Good Keywords will help you in Rank Fast..

Keep in Mind ,While Writing Blog Post,Always go with Low Search Volume Keywords Because Low Search Volume have Less Competition and It will rank you Better in Search Engine.

For that You Can use Yoast SEO to Customize SEO of your Blog Post and It will Help you in Ranking Faster.

Other Plugins Which I will Recommend to you is All in one SEO pack,Which is also a WordPress SEO plugin.

I will make a separate Tutorial on Yoast SEO,Which will help you in Grasping the Concept of SEO from Foundation.

If You Want to buy Yoast SEO Premium Plugin Which would Cost You around 80$ in Market…

As you are my Visitors so I Giveaway Yoast SEO Premium Plugin at very low Price..Click on the Below Link to Buy it from my Store.


Tips for Writing Good SEO Post

I have Written Over 100+ Articles on Technology Which is Already Indexed by Google Search Engine.

A Good SEO Post will Increase Your Blog Visibility and You will get Thousands of Visitors Everyday.

Thats the Real Power of SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Keep in Mind that when Writing SEO Friendly Post,Do a In-depth Keywords Reasearch and Know Your Competitors.

You can Use Question Hub or Answer the Public Website to Find a Suitable Topic and Write a High Quality SEO Post related to Technology.

  1. Do Keyword Reasearch of Your Topic
  2. Use tools like Google ,YouTube ,Twitter to get the Keywords Ideas
  3. Many tools like SEMRUSh,Ahref are Available in the Market Which is best for Finding best Keywords for your Blog.
  4. Use SEO title Close to your Organic keywords.
  5. Use SEO tools like Yoast SEO,Rank Math
  6. Write long Post at Least 3000 Words,These Tends to be ranked Better in Search Engine
  7. Share your Post on Different Social Media
  8. Make a Revision on your Old post and update it with Current Keywords

A Good SEO Post will give your Brand Recogization in the Search Engine.

Thats why it is Called SEO because page is optimized to Show in Search Result.

Make Backlinks & Submit your Blog to Directories

There are Two Types of Backlinks Available

  1. Do Follow Backlinks
  2. No Follow Backlinks

No Follow Backlinks Have lesser Benefits as compared to Do Follow Backlinks….

Do Follow Backlinks Play a major role in SEO of Blog

It Passes Link Juice to Your Website Which will Improve Ranking of your Blog.

I will write a post of 1000 Backlinks for you Which will help you in Growing Ranking of Your Blog.

Currently My Blog have 77 Backlinks and 44 Referring IPs.

Now You will ask How Many Backlinks Should I Need to rank in Search Engine

Dear Honestly, if you are able to Make 50 Backlinks for your Blog,Your blog will begin to rank in Search Engine.

Backlinks plays as Tonic role for Blog and It improves your Blog Visibility.

The more Backlinks will You have,The more you will Rank in Search Engine.

You can also Buy Backlinks from LinksManagement,SEO store Panel etc.

However They will Charge you for the Services.

If You are able to do comment on other Blog then no need to Buy Backlinks.

Just Go to other people Blog and comment on their Blog Post,You will get a Quality Backlinks.

Submit Your Blog to Directories

After Making Quality Backlinks,Now it’s Time to Submit Your Blog to Directories.

Submitting your Blog to Directories Will increase it’s Visibility and Improves SEO.

For Example:- If a Student do a Homework,He Submit his Notebook with Different Students in the Classs.

Submitting to Directories Will help you Index Your Blog Posts and it helps you to open up new Opportunities.

You will get Noticed by Organization Easily.

I am Going to Mention Top 10 Blog Directories Where you Can Index Your Blog Post.

  1. Blogarama
  2. Blog Adda
  3. Blog Hub
  4. All Top
  5. On Top Lists
  6. Blog Listing
  7. Blog Ville
  8. Blogging Fusion
  9. Boeing Boring
  10. Fuel My Blog

These 10 are the best blog Directories to Submit your Blog.

Lets Jump in to Next Steps.

Integrate Your Blog with Google Analytics & Search Console

Google Analytics is a Tool which will Give you In-depth Analysis of Your Blog.

It helps you in Finding How Many Visitors Visited your Blog.

It Works same as YouTube Studio where You can Track your YouTube Views and Watch Hours.

Google Analytics let you add Tracking Code to your Blog which enhances it’s Visibility and Count How many Numbers of Visitors Come to your Blog

It also Helps you in Determine Whether the Search was Organic or Referral

You can Create Google Analytics for Your Blog with just Gmail ID and No more Technical Knowledge to Create Analytics Account.

Index Your Blog in Search Console

Google Search Console is a Tool by Google Which helps you in Indexing your Blog Posts.

If You don’t Want to Submit your Blog to Directories then you Can Choose Google Search Console.

You just have to Verify your Property in Search Console .

Submit Sitemap of Your Blog and Start Tracking your Blog

Search Console index Page in about 1 week .

It is very important Part of this Process.

There are also many other platform Available Like Bing,Yahoo and Yandex which let you Submit and Index your Blog in very Less Time.

The main Benefits you will get here is Query

Query in Search Console will let you Know your Blog Most Important Keywords

Create Social Media Pages for Blog

When it Comes to Content marketing,Social Media plays a Major Role.

Your Blog Should have at least

  1. A Facebook Page
  2. A Twitter Profile
  3. Instagram Profile
  4. YouTube Channel
  5. Pinterest

If You are Running a Blog then you must Create a YouTube Channel associated with you.

It not only Engage your Audiences but it will also help you send Youtube Subscribers to your Blog.

Try to Tweet at Least Two Blog Posts on Twitter as well as on Instagram.

Pinterest Allows you to Pin Photos to profile.If your blog have Inforgraphics,then try to Pin it on your Pinterest Profile.

You can also Create a Facebook Group to add interested Members of your Blog.

If you want to grow your Audiences on Facebook in less time then Try to use Facebook ads and Sponsor your Website or Blog.

Join Affliate Program

If You want to sell Technology Stuff on Your BLOG,then you must join Affliate Program.

You can sell their Product on your Blog and it will help you in Earning Commission in Return.

The Commission Varies from 10% to 80% depending on what Product you are Promoting.

The most Common Affliate marketing Program for Bloggers are:-

  1. Amazon Affliate
  2. Commission Junction
  3. Hostinger Affliate
  4. HostGator Affliate
  5. Bluehost Affliate

If you are a Technology Blogger then You must go with Commission Junction Affliate Program.

The Minimum Payout is 50$ and it will be transferred to your PayPal Account instantly.

Amazon Affliate Program would let you add Product Links to your Blog.

If anyone purchase Product from your Referal Link,You get some commission in return.

As you can see I have inserted Affliate Links in this post and if anyone Buy Product from my Affliate Links,It will help me in Earning Commission Everytime.

This is also Known as Network Earnings.


  1. Try to Grab Tech Domain
  2. Use CMS like WordPress to Write Content
  3. Join Affliate Program to Earn More
  4. Submit your Blog to Search Engine
  5. Start Promoting using SEMrush

I hope this post will help you in Setting up a Successful Tech Blog.If you want to know more about blogging then refer to these posts:-

If You face any Hurdles,Just email me at [email protected],i will be there for you and Solve your Problem.

I wish you Good Luck on your Path

Happy Earning


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