How to Earn Free PayPal Cash with Clipclaps App

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How to Earn Free PayPal Cash with Clipclaps App?

Clipclaps:-Find your Interest is an App developed by Grand Channel Entertainment Ltd which let its users to earn free paypal Cash by watching Videos , Playing Games & Refering the App to other Users.

How to Earn Free PayPal Cash with Clipclaps App
How to Earn Free PayPal Cash with Clipclaps App

It also gives opportunity to upload Videos & Earn claps from the uploaded videos just like Medium App.You can upload videos from youtube also with just a link.

What is BLOGGING?How to earn money from blogging?

Welcome Back to another Make Money online Tutorial post .In this post I am Going to provide you every inch of information on how to earn free paypal Cash with Clipclaps App.The users of the Clipclaps is referred to as CLAPPER.lets start….

How to Install Clipclaps App?

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  • Install the Clipclaps from the Above Link
  • Launch the Clipclaps app in your Smartphone by allowing all permission over your phone
  • Launch the App & Open it
  • Signup to Clipclaps App with Either G-Mail Account or Facebook Account
  • Now Head over to the Profile section (Me)
  • Assign your Nickname & write a short bio.It is necessary because you are going to Upload Videos on this app also to earn more paypal Cash
  • Edit your DOB,Gender,E-Mail & Address
  • Don’t forget to enter your paypal address because all earning from the Clipclaps app would be rewarded directly to your Paypal account.
  • Congratulations now your profile on Clipclaps app is Ready and you can now upload videos on Clipclaps & Become a Mega Star.

Step by Step process to Earn Free PayPal Cash With Clipclaps App

1.Watching Videos

You can earn Clapcoins by watching Videos and Giving Claps on each Videos.For each Claps,You earn 1 Clapcoins from each Videos you watched.

  • Go to the Videos section
  • Open a Video & Watch it till the end
  • The Clapcoins would be rewarded to you after watching each Videos
  • The more videos you watch ,the more Clapcoins you would earn

2.Daily Rewards

  • Watch video for 1 minute everyday & in return you earn free 500 Clapcoins
  • Play 1 Game in Clipclaps App and in return you earn 100 Clapcoins

3.Inviting Friends

If you invite two friends to Clipclaps App using your Clapcode ,You would get diamond chest within 24 hours.You can invite your friends via whatsapp or Facebook.The more you refer the more you earn

4.Playing Games

You can earn upto 10$ Paypal Cash by playing games in Clipclaps App.There are lots of Exciting Games to play in Clipclaps app like Aquarium,Coincat,Luckytime,Golden Glove,Gun shooter,Crazy Kart 3D & Many more.The more you play the more you earn

There are also 3 Scratchers Games :-

  • Lucky Dog:- It needs 5000 clapcoins to play and the reward is 300 Clapcoins
  • Super 7:- It needs 5000 Clapcoins to play & the reward is 500 Clapcoins
  • Extreme 8:- It needs 5000 Clapcoins to play & the reward is 1000 Clapcoins.

5.By Completing Offers from Advertisers

Earn more Clapcoins by Installing App in your Smartphone.See the screenshot below.By installing Chingari app,You would earn 1680 Clapcoins.Similarly by Installing Unacademy Learning App,You would earn 3136 Clapcoins.

The More App you install the more Clapcoins you would Earn.

6.Spin & Earn Free PayPal Cash

You would Get 4 Lucky Spin in Clipclaps App everyday & 3 extra Lucky Spin by watching ads in this app.The Maximum Paypal You earn here is 1 $.

7.Raffle Rewards

There are lots of Raffles Reward in Clipclaps App.The more you use this app ,the more you would earn raffle rewards.Some raffle rewards I mention below

  1. 500K Clapcoins
  2. 1$ Reward Raffle
  3. 10$ Reward Raffle
  4. 10$ Cash Raffle
  5. 10$ Amazon Coupon Raffle

8.OK Spin

This pays you prizes for free just by Scratching.You can win iPhone 12 pro,Airpods & more cash in OK spin task .Just Scratch, Complete the task & recieve the Reward

9.Cash Exchange System

Clipclaps App has cash Exchange System.It means You can Exchange Clapcoins to US dollar .It is just like a bank System .You can convert your earned Clapcoins to US Dollars .The more Clapcoins you have ,the more US dollars You can Redeem.See the screenshot below.For 2976 Clapcoins you would receive 0.02 $.

Exchange rate is 100000 Clapcoins = 1USD

Clipclaps also have a Financial plan .It means if you invest Clapcoins today then tomorrow you would receive more Clapcoins.See the screenshot below

  • Vanguard Fund:- Investing 500 Clapcoins and after 24 hours you would receive 550 Clapcoins
  • Silverstone Fund:- Investing 1000 Clapcoins & after 7 Days you would receive 1500 Clapcoins.

How to Withdraw money From Clipclaps App?

  1. Click on the Dollar Icon besides the Coin icon
  2. Choose your Reward
  3. Reward available is 10$,12$,15$,20$,30$,40$ & 50$
  4. You can also buy 8 diamond chests here from 2 $ which you earned in this app.
  5. The money would be transferred to your Paypal account instantly
  6. You can also convert your rewards in doing mobile Reacharge .Just choose the Country,select the operator & enter your phone number and all set.


Clipclaps is one of the most popular app to earn free paypal cash .You can earn lots of US Dollars by uploading your YouTube Videos & watching the Videos of other clapper in this app.It also gives you opportunity to promote your YouTube Videos.I hope this post would help you to better understand how to earn free paypal Cash from Clipclaps App.Share this on your Social media to join More People & earn Free PayPal Cash.Happy Earnings..

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